10 Keys to Smarter Training

These keys are exactly what I wish I would have known before getting into endurance training and racing!  

I’m a big picture guy and love seeing things from a “30K foot view!”. And that is what 10 Keys to Smarter Endurance Training is all about. It’s the big essential concepts that guide you to training day to day; smarter, more efficient, and with greater clarity.  

I implement and practice all 10 of these keys in coaching my personal athletes and in my own training with great success! I know that in the next 10 days, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a better and more informed athlete!

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Cliff Pittman is a certified run coach through Revo2lution Running, Army veteran, and ultrarunner. He is also a member of the John Maxwell Team as a Life Coach. Cliff uses both his exerptise and trainings in physiology and psychology to bring endurnce athletes a unique skill set to master their mind, body, and growth.